Ship Building & Repairs


MT Banglar Shourabh Reconstructed

by Karnafuly Ship Builders Limited

Karnafuly Ship Builders Limited has succesfuly reconstructed a 15000 tonnes DWT, 10000 BHP tanker named M.T. Banglar Shourabh. This Tanker was exploded seriously while undergoing tank cleaning and was about to sink. KSBL promptly salvaged and reconstructed the ship. The vessel has been put in to operation in July, 208. Karnafuly Ship Builders Limited once again proved its competency by re-commissioning the said tanker.


Karnafuly is a full service repair facility located within Port of Chittagong. The facility's _____ft of bulkheaded water front provides easy access for the vessels up to 29 ft, allowing for complete hull repairs, leg repairs, and extensions. While its within the Port of Chittagong decreases mobilization costs and downtime, Karnafuly,

From a small patrol boat to a ocean going small ship or even small naval ship can be built in Karnaphuly Dock Yard. Karnafuly Ship Builders Limited has proved its excellence in marine engineering and ship building in Bangladesh. Last 10 years Karnafuly has build number of ship from a Fishing trawler to ocean