Message from Director

Message from Directors



Valued Friends and Well Wishers


Bangladesh achieved independence more than four decades back. The aspect of ship building, repair of all kinds of water and manufacture of dredgers continued to remain neglected. Such issues are beyond doubt matter of national interest. These issues, along with the national concern of maintaining navigability of river needs attention. In order to reduce foreign dependence and encourage local manufacture, Karnafuly Ship Builders Limited heralded the new era in Bangladesh by under taking such challenging tasks since 1994. Since the KSBL has displayed commendable feats in the sector. It was successful in up keeping international standard, profound customer satisfaction and meeting the requirement of the Government of Bangladesh.





KSBL has a wider vision and is striving to expand the scope of work by way of increasing its expertise, incorporating state of the art technology, engagement and use of foreign consultants. This company has already entered into joint venture with the Netherlands and German internationally recognized ship manufacturing companies. By way of such joint venture the company now has stretched far beyond repairing and began to build modern vessels and dredgers. Demands of the customers increased very sharply. The company has now acquired newer land for the construction of additional jetties, docking facilities and workshops with modern equipment.




I am grateful to the members of this company for endeavoring so hard all these days to accomplish the assigned tasks so as to be able to upkeep the name and fame of the company. I express profound gratitude to our customers and well wishers for the continued support rendered to us.


Almighty willing we shall succeed in our mission and goal save and prosper.





Faithfully Yours,




Mrs Munimun Naher








Dear Well Wishers and Cients:



1994 was the year when Karnafuly Ship Builders Limited (KSBL) emerged we a pioneer of builders and variety of water vessels. The necessity of ship repair, ship building and other water crafts for inland water ways and ocean going is being fully met. The commissioning of a good number of tug boats, ferries, salvage and repair of badly damaged ‘Banglar Shourab’ bears its testimony. The dredging of rivers and removal of siltation was not lost sight of. By way of constructing dredgers and its use in different water bodies, Bangladesh ensures navigability of rivers and complimentarily the reclamation of lands. The ongoing dredging of River Gorai is a glaring example.



The quality control kept in mind and constantly monitored. Qualified technical hands are enrolled, experts from abroad are frequently brought in order to obtain expert opinion, new technologies are incorporated to ensure quality enhancement and thereby recognition of KSBL in the region and globally



KSBL values its customer’s satisfaction and their needs. It is constantly increasing its dimension of works. Newly acquired dry docks, dockyards and jetties will surely facilitate further the motto to serve excel and prosper.



My prayers and wishes for all who are contributing the noble cause and host of luck for the esteemed customers. I invite all interested in such industry to this one stop shop for acquiring newly designed water crafts, tugs, barges, ships, dredgers and wide variety of vessels




your Sincerely,




Mrs Enamun Nahar



Esteemed Friends and Colleagues:



In the world of advancement and globalization, Bangladesh should not lag behind and needs to seriously ponder on the whole issue of trade, commerce, local manufacture of hardware and software. The novel idea of ship building in Bangladesh was conceived in the early nineties and thus in 1994 Karnafuly Ship Builders Limited (KSBL) was conceived and established. It was the requirement of time and had set a milestone in the aspect of ship repairing and ship building. The commendable craftsmanship, extreme hard work, creativity, dedication and international cooperation brought such excellence and fame to KSBL.



With the elapse of about only two decades of the birth of the company, it undertook arduous tasks of ship repairing of countless ships of them ‘Banglar Sourabh’ stands out prominently, pioneered the manufacture of dredgers which are in use in keeping the rivers navigable and dredging of river Gorai is notable, made high quality tug boats extensively used by the concerned agencies, manufactured good number of ferries. Smaller vessels like the sea trucks, fishing trawlers, mooring boats did not loose sight either.


KSBL and Karnafuly Shipyard uses one of the biggest facilities of Bangladesh which are all privately owned by us. It has the whole range of necessary facilities and four 650 feet slipways capable of docking two vessels at a time.



Expansion and modernization was keely felt for the customer satisfaction and the management of increased demand. The company has entered into a joint venture with Dutch-German companies and fetched sophisticated expertise, innovative ideas, purchase and construction of newer dry dock facilities, dockyards and jetties with all compliments required to support those.



I compliment to the officials and staff of the company for having put in selfless and dedicated service all these years. I also seize this opportunity to wish luck to our customers, clients and all well wishers. My prayers for the company so that it flourishes faster and be able to see an embellished future.







Athina Rashid