About Us

About Us


Back Ground Of KSBL & KSYL

Karnafuly Ship Builders Limited was established in 1994 for repair and construction of ships. The yard is comprised of 8 (Eight) acres of land with 2 (two) slipways each of 560 feet length and a fully equipped Marine workshop. It has a marketing office in Singapore and United States with drawing-design features dealt by G B Marine (Singapore) Limited.

It is situated on the southern bank of the river of Karnaphuly, Chittagong. It is the largest privately owned ship builder/shipyard in Bangladesh having capacity to dock 2 vessels upto 350 feet in length at a time. The shipyard is supported by diesel powered winch to operate both the slipways. Since Karnafuly ship builder’s started its operation, 27 ships like Ocean Going Tugboats, Fishing trawlers, Tankers, Pontoon and water bus etc. were newly built and more than 400 ships of various types repaired and renovated.

Recently this shipyard has remarkably reconstructed a 15000 DWT, 10000 BHP tanker named M.T. Banglar Shourabh of Bangladesh Shipping Corporation (BSC). This tanker was exploded seriously while undergoing tank cleaning and was about to sink. Karnafuly Ship Builders Limited has promptly salvaged the ship, then the ship was towed to Chittagong Port where she was cut into two pieces and reconstructed with about 700 tonnes of steel. The vessel is being operated in full swing. Karnafuly Ship Builders Limited has proved its excellence in marine engineering and ship building in Bangladesh.

To meet the demand of present day for new construction, the management of KSBL has formed a company named KARNAPHULY SHIPYARD (PVT.) LIMITED with the intention of 100% export oriented ship construction. The management and technical persons will remain same as KSBL.