HR Department

HR Department

Brigadier General Ibrahim Jamal, afwc, psc, G. (Retired)

Adviser HR & Corporate Affaires

Brigadier General Ibrahim Jamal joined Karnafuly Ship Builders Ltd in April2013 as Adviser HR and Corporate Affairs. He has retired from Bangladesh Army in 2012. In the Army he attended all mandatory courses and excelled in all. He has also attended a number of courses abroad. He has as extensive multinational exposures especially with US Pacific Command and the United Nations.




Mr. S. M. Nurus Safa
Deputy General Manager (Accounts)

C A (Article), Trained on the manager’s Battle ground managing stress and problem solving by ILO. 25 years experience in shipping, Import & Export, management and company accounting , Marine insurance and fishing business management.





Mr. Hasanur Rahman (Hasan),

Manager (Operation)

10 years Experience in Trading. Supervision of Dry Dock & Public Relation.







Mr. Mustafa Kamal
Manager Commercial

Master in Social Science. Diploma in Graphics & Multimedia Presentation (Design, Drawing).

Excellent experienced to organize tender documentation work, execution commercial jobs.

- Trained in quality control system (ISO 9001:2000).

- Trained in Industrial Relationship and Labour law.

- Trained on office management & Computer operating Hardware maintenance.

- Trained on Understanding ICC Rules, Uniform Customs And Practice For Documentary Credits (UCPDC) and Key Techniques For Applying On Documentary Credit (L/C) Operation 10 years experience in Commercial jobs, I T & Multimedia.



Mr. Solayman
Manager (Purchase)

15 years experience in store maintenance and purchase. He maintains the quality control, Administration & supervision the project also.





Mr. Md. Nazrul Islam

Manager (Admin.) & AQMR


M.Com (Management), He is well experienced to licence/certificate body operation work, execution commercial jobs and practice vat and taxes of the company. Trained on Lead Auditor Course (ISO 9001:2008). He is involved with fishing trawler division also.




Mr. Mohsin Mia


Master in Social Science, 10 years experience in store maintenance and purchase.

He is very well experienced to execute outdoor operation.




Mr. Mir Rakib Uddin


B. Com 8 years experience in office management and computer hardware maintenance.






Meah Md. Obaidul Kibria,

Cash Officer

Working as cash-incharge for about 7 years.







Engr. Md. Abdul Mannan Bhuiyan

BSC. (EEE), Asst.Engineer
EngineerAbdul Mannan isille Aw.Engineer of KatnafutyShip Bnilderl!Jd. Heba6 years Experifncein Compulef Engiueeringby professioo and Iyear Elpcricooe in Electronics and Teltoommunkatioo lab. He wa.1rtW!tded for COC lplltrPrvgrunming by Nmooal Olmputer ProgrammingCoolest inm.

He is rtspoosible lor Aocooru, IT & Office Management etc, he wcmd bef01t in Uohmity of l..ibeJul Ar1s Bangl.!desb,(IT Officer) & Cyber Cafe Cyprus,(Nelwork and Hardware Engineer).Training: MCSA,CISCO,Ctt




Md. Shahin Hossain, BSS,MSC. (Pol

Science),Sr. Executive Officer (Commercial)

II years Experience in Shipbuilding related Office Management Work, Tender Related Work, Bill Collection, UC and Communication and Report to Directors, Advisers & other high officials.






KamaJ Uddin Chowdhury Mitul

Office Executive

B.Com. in 4 years working Experience in Office Management, Computer Hardware Maintenance Graphics-Multimedia Presentation and Surfing Internet.







Md. Khaled Hossain

Executive (Operation)

5 years Experience in Office Management, Store Maintenance & all over operational work of Fishing Vessel.







S M Nairn Uddin (Hira)


02 years Experience in Office Management & Store Maintenance.







Md. Khan Jahan Siddiquee

BBA (HR &Marketing), MBA,Sr .Officer rot<XXJQ

All kinds of Logistics and Administrati\'e Support especially in Office Management, provide high quality and timely assistance and repoltS to directors, Maintain Hotel ReseMtion, Ticketing, VtSa processing for all Directors, Associateand Foreign Delegates, Overseas Dealing, Bill Collection, Banking, IJC, Documentation, etc. He has VCI)' good negotiatioo and OOIIIIDunication skills and sound knowledge oo Microsoft Office.




Md. Khayrul Hasan (Sohail)

BSC Hon's (Statistics), MSC.(Statistics), Sr. Executive Officer (Admin)

Assist Managing Director & other high officials, Bill Collection, Banking, UC, Documentation, etc. Communicate with different Organization in business matters, Maintain Office Documents and files.







Md. Alamgir Hossain (Bipu)

B8A, MBA Continuing, Commercial and Admin Officer

Communicate with different organizations in business matters. Maintain Office Documents and File. 3 years Experience as Asst. Branch Finance Manager in (P&G), (MGH Group).






Saifuddin bin Ahmed

Asst. Officer (Operation)

03 years Experience in Store Maintenance & Operational work of Fishing Vessel.






Md. Abdul Sukkur

Executive (Accounts)

06 years Experience in Accounts & Official Work.