Quality Policy


Quality Policy



The Policy of Karnaphuli Shipyard (Pvt.) Ltd. is to provide high quality services on new dredger/ship building & ship repairing and related services to its customers.



Karnaphuli Shipyard (Pvt.) Ltd. is to attain & enhance customer satisfaction by providing on time delivery of desired services and also to increase efficiency of our work force. To attain these, Karnaphuli Shipyard (Pvt.) Ltd. has decided to achieve following objectives in the year 2013.






1. To collect customer feedback by 100 %

2. To ensure on time delivery of the order by 80 %



All employees of Karnaphuli Shipyard (Pvt.) Ltd. are being advised to follow the documented procedure of their respective department/section & work hard to attain these quality objectives.



The Management is committed to provide adequate resources, competent manpower, suitable premises, required machinery/equipment and facilities to implement the Quality Policy & Objectives of the company.








Managing Director

Karnaphuli Shipyard (Pvt.) Ltd.